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Your left shoulder must come up. If it comes around too much you would be swinging around your body and not through the ball. - A Swing For A Lifetime

It's called color. Some people have it and some don't. As for Slammin' Sam Snead, he has enough color to outfit a couple of rainbow factories. - Rex Lardner, Bookwriter

Can you imagine? We have several guys on the seniors tour who have jets. They are flying in jets now. They own jets. And they are making over a million dollars a year. I thought I did pretty good but I didn't make quite 700.000 on my 100 years on the tour. It felt like 100 years.

Chi Chi Rodriguez on Snead: Bob Goalby taught me a good lesson. If you play with Sam Snead and you play a five dollar nassau and you loose twenty, twenty dollars, but you get a four and a half playing lesson. That's a very cheap lesson.

I got everything behind it. That gave me a little bit more firepower.

The good player plays from the waist up, the great player plays from the feet up.

Bring your ball into play, prepare well for the next shot and be sharp around the green.