Unmutable Fundamentals of the Tour Swing

In the physics chapter we understood that a golfer is a double pendulum.

So there have to be at least two concepts  that bring both the upper lever and the lower lever on plane.

The Swinging Spine

This million dollar quote comes from Mike Austin:

Why my swing looks so fluid is because I don’t have an upright spine. My top of the spine stays still and the bottom swings.

The Counter Rotation

To get the shaft on plane the forearm and the upper arm are turning in opposite directions:

  • In the backswing the right upper arm turns clockwise and the right forearm turns counterclockwise.
  • From the top of the backswing the right arm turns clockwise through the ball (throwing motion).
  • Trough impact the left upper arm turns counterclockwise and the left forearm turns clockwise after impact.

This second fundamental does two things:

  1. It enables a free pendulum motion through the ball.
  2. It keeps the clubhead about 10 inches square through the ball.

So on an abstract level the golf swing is a combination of a swinging spine (commonly known as weight shift pivot) and a counter rotation.