Great Stuff: Shell Wonderful World of Golf

The SWWG collection is one remarkable legacy for the golfing world. It contains numerous stroke play matches of the best players in the world.

Studying these videos will give you a good idea how „these guys“ are breaking par even with some bad shots.

Seve for instance is hitting 10 of 14 drives into the woods, misses almost every shot into the green and manages to shoot 74.

Unfortunately most of the DVD packages are not available anymore.

But we can send you a copy.

We have on stock:

  • Player vs. Trevino
  • Seve vs. Kite
  • Hogan vs. Snead
  • Couples vs. Els
  • Couples vs. Watson
  • Miller vs. Nicklaus
  • Montgomerie vs. Mickelson
  • Lehman vs. Faldo
  • Lehman vs. Mickelson
  • Leonard vs. Love III


Book Review: Joe Dante – The Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf

From my point of view this book is one of the best golf books ever written.

So what are his four magic moves?

1. An early wrist break

There is a discussion out there about when to break the wrists in the backswing. Some say early, some say late. They all are right, and they all are wrong. The truth is: The hinge has to be early, the cock has to be late.

2. A flat wrist at the top

Absolutely. The flat wrist at the top takes care of a proper clubface orientation. Even when some players have a cupped wrist, the flat wrist is better because having a flat wrist at the top makes it much easier to get the clubface square at impact.

3. A weight shift pivot

Joe Dante did a great description about the weight shift pivot.

4. A free release

Joe Dante advocates at free release to enable COAM (conservation of angular momentum). The book would be perfect if he would have described the hands action in detail. That is the only missing point in that great book.